All we need to know about filing U.S. Individual Income Tax Return

Jul 09 2020

Do you have questions about filing U.S. individual income tax return? Get clarity about all the questions. Generally, you must file individual income tax return, if your total income for the particular year exceeds certain threshold limit. Further, it depends on certain criterias such as your gross income, your age, your filing status, type and number of dependents etc.

Filing Requirements:

You must file the U.S. tax return if you are:

  • U.S. citizen
  • Green card holder
  • Resident alien
  • Visa holder
  • Have foreign income

File a tax return if you are eligible for any of the following credits:

  • Earned income credit
  • Additional child tax credit
  • American opportunity credit
  • Credit for federal tax on fuels
  • Premium tax credit
  • Health coverage tax credit

Due Dates for Tax Filing:

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  • April 15th – Tax payers living in USA
  • June 15th – Tax payers living outside of USA
  • October 15th – Tax payers who requested for extension

Filing Status:

More than one filing status can be applicable to you. You can apply for that filing status that will give you the lowest tax.

  • Single
  • Married filing separately
  • Head of household
  • Married filing jointly
  • Qualifying widow(er)

Note: All the below criterias are applicable as per the end of 2019.

Filing Status Age at the end of the 2019 Need to file tax return if your gross income was at least

Less than 65 years

65 years or more than that



Married filing jointly

Less than 65 years (both spouses)

65 years or more than that (one spouse)

65 years or more than that




Married filing separately Any age $5
Head of household

Less than 65 years

65 years or more than that



Qualifying widow(er)

Less than 65 years

65 years or more than that



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